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All Your Questions, Answered


What will I need to bring when I hire a vehicle?

What's included in the price?

The price you are quoted includes fully comprehensive insurance, break down cover and VAT. 
The only extra costs are the £100 refundable security deposit and any add ons you wish to purchase. £500 security deposit for the campervan.

How old do I have to be?

Between the ages of 23 – 70 years old.

How much deposit must I leave?

Our standard security deposit is £100.00 which is refundable. This may need to be increased depending upon our terms and conditions and vehicle groupings. For example Campervan deposits are £500.

What if I have points on my licence?

You can hire with a max of 6 points depending on the contravention code. For example SP speeding codes are fine, however IN's (Insurance offences) are not.  Please call the office for assistance.

What if I have been convicted of a more serious offence or banned?

If you have an DD (Reckless/dangerous driving), DR (Drink or drugs) or XX99/TT99 (totting up) or any NE code within 5 years of offence we will not be able to hire to you.

How long must I have held a licence?

You must have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 2 years. 

Are there any mileage restrictions?

Our vehicles include unlimited mileage within the UK. Subject to our fair usage policy.

Can I add an additional driver?

Yes subject to our normal terms and conditions and added at the commencement of the hire. There is a charge of £5.00 per day for each additional driver.

What happens if I get a penalty charge notice whilst hiring the vehicle?

We will inform the relevant authority that you were the driver at the time of hire and they will contact you directly. There is an administration charge of £25.00  (our T&C’s state this on your signed rental agreement)

What is the insurance excess if I am involved in an accident/incident?

£650.00 except where a CDW (Collision damage waiver) is taken out which reduces down to £250.
£750.00 except where CDW is taken out reduces down to £350 on the 9 Seater.
£1000 on Campervans, no CDW offered.

What if I damage the vehicle?

We will retain your deposit and possibly the full insurance excess depending on the damage to your rental vehicle. We will get an estimate for the damage and send this to you. If the cost is under the held deposit amount we will refund the left over amount.

Do you offer any other damage waivers?

Yes, along with the standard CDW we offer extras such as:

Windscreen Protection Cover – (available for £5 per day) then the excess is lowered to the value of £50 per glass.

Tyre Protection Cover – (available for £5 per day) then the excess is lowered to the value of £30 per tyre.

What if I have an accident in my rental car?

1) If needed get everyone to safety.

2) If required contact the emergency services

3) Exchange details and record what’s happened: Exchange your name and contact details with anyone else affected by the incident. This applies whether you’ve crashed into another vehicle or someone else’s property, and whether or not they were on the scene at the time of the accident.

If you hit a parked car, leave your details in a note under their windscreen wiper. If there are other people and/or vehicles involved, make sure everyone at least exchanges car registration numbers, names, addresses and telephone numbers. If possible, take photos of the scene and any damage as soon as you can, and make a note of the following:

- Colour, make and model of any vehicles involved.

- Date and time of the accident.

- Description of the weather conditions, the state of the road and any street lighting.

- Any damage done to any vehicles and property.

- Any injuries sustained by drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

4) Call the rental company, you will be required to fill in an accident report form.

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