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Fleet of the latest electric vehicles

No residual value anxiety

Service and maintenance included 

Replacement vehicle while in the garage 


Fact or Fiction?

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"Electric vehicles are more likely to catch fire."


In fact, EVs are far less likely to catch fire than ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles.

According to the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, there were 1,898 fires caused by petrol and diesel vehicles in 2019. Meanwhile, there were only 54 fires involving electric vehicles.

"EVs are more sustainable than ICE counterparts."


EV batteries don’t need to end up in landfill after their use in a vehicle. In fact, they have multiple lives beyond that. 

First life, Second Life, Recycle.

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"There are not many charging locations."


There are 32,697 charging locations around the UK currently

That's roughly 92,543 connectors!

"I could charge my EV in under an hour."


Charging your EV can take as little as 30 minutes or up to 12 hours – it all depends on the size of the battery and the type/speed of the charging point.

For example, 40kW battery would take around 5 hours to charge from empty with a 7kW home charging point. 78kW battery would take around 10 hours. But a rapid charger could charge your EV in 30 minutes.

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