Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions which we get when hiring or leasing a vehicle from Park Lane Self Drive, along with useful and hopefully helpful answers.

What will I need to bring when I rent a vehicle?

You will need to bring your driving Licence (Card Part), The paper part is no longer valid or required,

and also two other proofs of ID and Address. i.e Bank Statement, Utility Bills (Not a Mobile Phone Bill). You will need a valid credit or debit card (for payment).

How much deposit must I leave?

Our standard security deposit is £100.00 which is refundable. This may need to be increased depending upon our terms and conditions and vehicle groupings.

How old do I have to be to hire?

You can hire over 23. Except the minibuses where you have to be over 30.

Drivers will need to have D1 category on your licence.

What if I have points on my licence?

3 Points are not a problem. Please call the office if you have any more than this.

Can I Return a Vehicle to a Different Location?

Yes, We offer One Way Hires, So you can collect from One Location and Return to One of our other Branches for an additional charge of £10.

This needs to be done at the start of the Hire.

What if I have been convicted of a more serious offence or banned?

If you have an DD (Reckless/dangerous driving), DR (Drink or drugs) or XX99/TT99 (totting up) or any NE code within 5 years of offence.

I have Booked Online. How to get confirmation?

An Email or Phone call will be made to confirm your Booking.

What if my licence is not in my current address?

You will need to bring 2 further proofs of your current address.

Can I drive using a foreign licence?

You can drive using any EEC countries and many other international licences. Please telephone us to confirm yours is acceptable before booking.

How long must I have held a licence?

You must have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 2 years. If you have driven less than this we will probably be able to help. Please call the branch for details. Expect to pay an additional premium and have terms imposed on the hire if we can get you accepted.

Are there any mileage restrictions?

Our vehicles include unlimited mileage within the UK. Subject to our fair usage policy.

Is insurance included?

Yes, our rates include fully comprehensive cover.

What is the insurance excess?

£650.00* except where CDW is taken out reduces down to £250*.
£750.00 except where CDW is taken out reduces down to £350 on the 17 Seater.
Except some vehicles which need to be covered on your own insurance cover.

*Executive vehicle group carries a higher excess. Please call for details.

Can I lower the excess?

Excess Protection Cover – (available per day depending on vehicle) then the excess is lowered to the value of £250, £350 on executive and 17 seater mini bus.

Windscreen Protection Cover – (available per day depending on vehicle) then the excess is lowered to the value of £50 per glass.

Tyre Protection Cover – (available per day depending on vehicle) then the excess is lowered to the value of £30 per tyre.

Can I include additional drivers?

Yes subject to our normal terms and conditions and added at the commencement of the hire. They will need to comply with the other conditions. There is a charge of £5.00 per day for each additional driver.

What happens if I get a motoring conviction whilst hiring?

We will inform the relevant authority that you were the driver at the time of hire and they will contact you directly. There is an administration charge of £25.00 +vat for this (our T&C’s state that we will charge this to your debit/Credit card straight away)

How do I pay congestion charges?

You must pay it in the normal way as if the vehicle were your own. If you fail to pay we will pay it on your behalf and charge the cost plus an administration fee of £25 +vat to your credit/debit card. (our T&C’s state that we will charge this to your Debit/Credit card straight away)

What if I damage the vehicle?

We will retain your deposit and possibly the full insurance excess depending on the damage to your rental vehicle. We will get an estimate for the damage. If the cost is under the held deposit amount we will refund the left over amount. If over the excess an insurance claim will need to be made and you will be required to complete an insurance claim form. If this is not completed then an insurance claim might not be made and the full repair cost may be due.